Woh Apna Sa: Samar turns psycho in Jhanvi’s love, Aditya-Jhanvi’s separation

In the forthcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular serial Woh Apna Sa, viewers will see some high voltage drama.

Nisha is preparing Samar against Aditya and Jhanvi’s love and is using him as her puppet against Aditya and Jhanvi.

Samar has love feelings for Jhanvi even after facing so many rejections from Jhanvi.

Nisha transforms Samar’s love feelings into his madness for Jhanvi. Nisha thus instigates Samar to get Jhanvi.

Samar will this turns psycho in Jhanvi’s love and will go to any extent to get Jhanvi and to separate Aditya and Jhanvi.

Jhanvi and Aditya’s separation

Jhanvia and Aditya’s fake separation will be seen ahead with major drama.

So just wait and watch how will Jhanvi and Aditya handle this situation and fail Nisha’s evil plan against them.

Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

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