Piya Albela: Naren and Pooja’s relationship doomed by Mr.Kapoor

In the forthcoming episode of Zee TV’s popular serial Piya Albela, viewers will get a chance to  see that Naren and Pooja’s love will have another big hurdle with Mr.Kapoor’s entry in their lives.

Pooja was never married to Ashish Kapoor and was only using his name to fulfill her mission with Naren.

Naren does not believe that Pooja is not married to Mr. Kapoor and therefore Pooja wants Mr. Kapoor to talk to Naren directly and tell him the truth. However, Rahul has evil plans and wants to make sure that Naren and Pooja are never able to unite.

Rahul disguises himself as a doctor and reaches Mr.Kapoor’s hospital room to manipulate him against Naren and Pooja. Rahul finds out that Mr.Kapoor loves Pooja and therefore he tells Mr. Kapoor not to allow Naren and Pooja to unite as only he deserves to be with Pooja.

Finally, Mr. Kapoor talks to Naren and Pooja hopes that Mr.Kapoor will remove all misunderstanding. Viewers will now get to see that Naren will reconcile with Pooja after talking to Mr.Kapoor and Pooja will think that he has resolved everything. Naren will also want to marry Pooja once again.

Pooja will be extremely happy to reunite with Pooja but the big twist will come up soon as it will get reveled that Naren is just trapping Pooja.

Pooja will realize that Mr.Kapoor has ruined her and Naren’s relationship even more with his lies and she will lose all hopes to get back Naren. How will Pooja be able to get back Naren’s love.

Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

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