Kundali Bhagya: Destiny unites Karan and Preeta siding Rishabh

In the coming episode of Zee TV’s popular serial Kundali Bhagya, viewers will see some high voltage drama and some exciting twists.

It was earlier seen that Karan and Preeta are set off on a mission exposure of Sherlin’s dual face role betraying Rishabh.

Amid this mission Karan has gradually started falling for Preeta.

Preeta is not interested to marry either Rishabh or Karan.

But both of them have fallen for Preeta’s love.

It is not yet clear if Preeta falls for Rishabh or Karan but destiny is surely going to make Preeta fall for Karan.

Karan hides special feelings for Preeta

Amid this, Rakhi feels that after Rishabh’s marriage, even Karan should get married.

Rakhi thus asks Preeta to find some good girl for Karan while Karan gets lost in Preeta’s thoughts.

Karan will realize his special feelings for Preeta but will try to hide the same.

Will Karan be able to confess love for Preeta?

Will Preeta also start liking Karan?

Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

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